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So many changes...

I was surprised to see this journal isn't updated at all! No excuses but last month my husband and I closed our comic book store after 15 years of working, we couldn`t afford the rent any more, so know we'll be in bazaars and comic conventions, and I'm working as babysitter too. The plan is to open a store again late in the year, I hope we can! 

So lazy...

Last year I was having a healthy routine, eating better and 3 hours of exercise a week, but since last month I can't get up, well I got up at 5 o'clock, send my son to school, do some chores, then back to sleep and sometimes I wake up at 12! Maybe been 40 is starting to got me, or am I just lazy?


Guns or people are bad?

I was shocked and sad when I saw the news of the tragedy on  Connecticut... BUT NOW I'M UTTERLY MAD!!!!!!!!!!!  How the mindless, obtuse, stupid, etc "beliebers" are upset cuz they can't see Ellen for the news coverage!
The world is crazy...


I miss my late hours

After 5 years of getting up late, my son is studying his final year of high school with his first class at 7 o'clock... so now I wake up at 5, sometimes I get sleepy around 6 in the afternoon, I can't see the late shows, it's a nightmare!


Bad Health

I hope all fellow fujoshi is in good health! Lately my own is not that good, I suffer hypothyroidism from way back and frankly I'm not too regular with my treatment, first was because I was feeling fine, later I didn't have the money, now I have social security, still no money, but public services are so hard to come by, I just let it escalate, I promise to get on with it soon, cheers.


Wow! It´s been some time...

Hi! I´m the lazy owner of this journal. I know it´s empty, but I always abide rules of other journals, I´ll thank you for sharing with me and be grateful from the bottom of my heart. Bye!

My fist post!

Hi! I´m an obsessed fujoshi! I love manga in general, but yaoi is the best for me, but I must say, am a leecher, I never shared anything in any place, but  I have utter respect for all scanlators who give his time and work for all fans!!!

I´ve been triying to do my part, then I´m a translator for a spanish group, but is so hard, real life really gets in the way!

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